Linn speakers think differently

Intelligent, upgradeable and built to the highest standards, our speakers don’t follow the conventional path. Choose the elegance of an integrated speaker with amps and Exakt technology hidden on board, or start passive and upgrade using separates to the ultimate in performance.

Integrate Everything

We’ve created a whole new category of speaker with our built-in Exakt technology and integrated Aktiv amplification. Turning the loudspeaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product, means you can enjoy precise, powerful sound from a compact, neat and beautifully styled package that can be optimised for your unique home environment. It’s integration without compromise.

Start simple, build big

Our Passive loudspeakers offer the perfect starting place on your journey towards better sound. Hand-built by master craftsmen using innovative in-house designs and the finest components, every Passive Linn speaker performs exceptionally straight out of the box. And with the freedom and flexibility to add the external amplification you want, you can take steps towards the ultimate upgrade of Exakt.

One speaker does all

Series 3 is Linn’s first fully integrated wireless speaker. With digital streaming, on-board amplification and Linn’s patented Exakt technology in one simple, elegant package, this speaker offers exceptional musical clarity that will surprise and delight.